Zienna Sonne Williams near-nude pics

It’s hard to look away from this Dane working in America. Zienna Sonne Williams might be the closest you get to an actual human Barbie. She even had to prove she was real and all natural (last image ) because of all the comments calling her fake. Check out this all natural hotties pics below.


Zienna Sonne Williams posted proof that her body was real. She wanted to shut the naysayers up. If she really wants to prove ’em wrong – release the nude pics Zienna! That’s how you shut them up – naked pics of Zienna Sonne Williams would definitely break the internet (for about 15 minutes). But this Instagram post will have to do for now…

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Last week I went to the doctor to get some spinal x-rays, because of some issues I’ve had with my neck. Thought I would share and end a lot of discussions about my body. #NoImplants & #NoMissingRibs. The average person has 24 ribs. 12 on each side. One in hundreds of people have an extra rib. These are called cervical ribs, because they arise from one of the spinal bones in the neck (the cervical vertebrae). I am one of them 🤓 Funny thing is, I am always accused of having ribs REMOVED, because of my waist size. (Yes, people are actually that stupid). But in reality, I have in fact an extra rib. 🤓 As it shows in my X-ray, all my ribs are there. None of them have been removed or "broken and re-shaped". I don't have any "workout secrets", I don't wear corsets or waist trainers. This is just the shape of my torso. There’s no “fat transfer” either, as it shows my hips are naturally wide. It’s my BONES not fat, injections or other crap. I've also had countless comments saying I have breast implants. As this X-ray shows, I don't have any implants either. I have always said I will stick up for myself. And I have always said I am 100% natural and never had any surgery, injections, aesthetic ANYTHING what so ever. I hope this once and for all will stop these stupid comments. I am tired of them. So here's to all the idiots telling ME I am lying about my looks, telling me it is impossible to look the way I do. It is not! Here you see it – I am in fact ALL NATURAL 🤓 and PROUD! And big thanks to Dr. Greenwalt for being super cool and helpful. I am hopeful treatment will make my thoracic symptoms better 🙏🏻#MoreNaturalBeauty #ProNatural #FlawsAndAll #CervicalRib #ThoraticOutletSyndrome #TOS

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