The 5 Women Campaigning For Hottest Daughter of A Politician

Who knew politics could look this good! These 5 beauties come from a lineage of brains and privilege as they are daughters of presidents, senators, governors and other politicians. Ā TheseĀ ladies will have you wishing you went out for student body back in 6th grade. You could have had a whole new life …

Barbara Bush

Barbara Pierce Bush is the blue eyed brunette daughter of former President George W Bush and granddaughter of President George H.W. Bush. The beauty is a Yale University graduate, AIDS activist, and a huge supporter of marriage equality. The 35 year old single lady is also theĀ founder of Global Health Corp, a non-profit that places young people on Ā front lines of the fight for global health equity. It seems as though Barbara, the twin of Jenna Bush has settled down from her hard partying college days.Ā 

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