NFL Star Martellus Bennett Adds Rapping About Dinosaurs To His Repertoire

Some might say Patriots player Martellus Bennett is a bit weird but one thing’s for sure- he is making the most of his time in the NFL. After winning the Vince Lombardi trophy at Super Bowl LI, Bennett wrote a children’s book, gave a speech at TEDx, and now has released an EP called I‘m Not a Rapper But Some of My Friends Are. The tight end raps about subjects true to his heart like dinosaurs and Whole Foods. He says of the experience,Ā “It was just me and some of my friends hanging out in the studio making music for fun and this is what came out of it. Pretty cool to have so many talented friends and be able to create with them at a high level. I am on a mission to express my creativity in as many ways as possible in 2017, this is a part of my creative journey. Enjoy.”

Check out this Vice Interview where Bennett says he’s in love with JK Rowling and more ramblings.


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