Best Destinations For Amazing Scenic Swims

These stunningly beautiful destinations provide the ultimate swimming experience. You may need to get up the nerve for these extreme locations but it will be life changing. Get suited up and take a dive into these exotic waterfalls, lakes, lagoons and caverns from around the world


Silfra fissure, Iceland

Silfra Iceland 2015

When you think of Iceland, your first instinct may not be to throw on a bathing suit but you should. Cover it up with a wet suit and dive in between two continents! The glacial water in between these two tectonic plates of North America and Asia, has amazing visibility for over 100 meters. Not many fish venture into the fissure but however you can see some pretty cool bright green “troll hair” and other colorful algae. Yes the plates do move but it’s totally safe as they drift apart about 2cm per year.