5 Surprising Facts About The Next Big Country Star

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2- She’s A Reality TV Star

24 year-old McKenna got her reality tv start auditioning as a duo on Britain’s Got Talent. She didn’t get far but moved onto MTV’s Exes on the Beach. We really got to see her fiesty personality on Celebrity Big Brother where she was the fourth person voted off.

Here’s a video of her flipping out over food.

3-She’s out selling Taylor Swift on iTunes

Her new EP features songs “High Heeled Shoes” and “Far Cry From Love.” The tunes claimed Number 1 and 2 in the iTunes Download Chart which is out pacing Taylor Swift!

4-She Stands Up To Body Shammers

Megan faced off against internet trolls who body shamed her by calling her a “skinny rat.” The beauty clapped back explaining that she has celiac disease, which causes unexplained weight loss among other symptoms.

5- More Reality

Megan stars in a new reality TV show, There’s Something About Megan, that documents her move to Nashville and journey to becoming the next big country star.

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