5 Most Revealing Moments Of Lady Gaga’s Documentary

Lady Gaga’s revealing documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday, and will make it’s Netflix debut on September 22nd.

Here are the most revealing things to look out for.

1- Her Super Bowl Performance

Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance is the center of the documentary. The film shows Gaga getting frustrated with little problems that take place. The star explains the pressure and importance of the event, “I’ve never really done a lifetime achievement award or a performance to celebrate my career. That is this moment. There’s nothing bigger than this.”

2- Smoking Pot

Gaga jokingly says “Now let’s get stoned in grandpa’s car” but it is revealed that Gaga does smoke a lot of pot throughout her day. Though she never addresses it, there are several scenes where Gaga lights up.

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