5 Behind The Scenes Facts About Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker, the second book in the E.L. James series, has been turned into a movie that will be released just in time for Valentines Day. Although the books are hugely popular with women, the movies from bring all types of fans to the theater. Here are 5 fun behind the scenes facts about the making of the second film.

Of all the crazy scenes that actress Dakota Johnson had to film, she says the scenes where her character and Grey get handsy on a crowded elevator was the hardest. Director James Foley said, “It was a fake elevator. It was just a wall back there and we were all out here, so it wasn’t too bad in terms of being cramped. But it was in terms of Dakota getting into it. [She] said that it was the hardest scene for her to shoot. I was so surprised because it wasn’t that explicit or anything, but she said she’s surrounded by these extras, these strangers.”